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Network Security


Off-load your security challenges with our affordable, proactive and robust services

Information is the lifeblood of today’s business world – every day vast amounts of information move around the globe at lightning speed. Yet this constant exchange of data brings great risk. The number of information threats such as viruses, worms, poisonous cookies and hacking activities are constantly increasing and now present a very real risk to our personal and business safety. Safeguarding your business from malicious threats is crucial to protecting your commercial success, maintaining your business reputation and sustaining your growth. The challenge is that protecting your network, data, applications and systems from so many security threats has never been so difficult, costly and time-consuming.


DYXnet Network Security Services provide multifaceted and all-encompassing managed security solutions to help you tackle daily information security challenges. For a fraction of your networking budget, you can enjoy Unified Threat Management protection, including Firewall, Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Intrusion Prevention with impregnable protection 24x7, 365 days a year.


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  • Firewall

      Managed Firewall

      DYXnet Managed Firewall protects your gateway in a completely safe and simple way. It safeguards your public server, end-user PCs and other devices from Internet threats. This affordable, managed service is an all-in-one security solution that provides multi-purpose security solutions including firewall, private network gateway, anti-virus gateway, anti-spam gateway, intrusion prevention and content filtering. A managed firewall can improve the productivity of your IT department by allowing it to focus on other professional duties. As a DYXnet Managed Firewall customer, you also enjoy 24x7 access to our support staff.

  • Anti-virus

      Hosted Anti-Virus Service

      Designed to dynamically meet the unique requirements of your IT environment, DYXnet’s Hosted Anti-Virus Service is a highly flexible service that enables customized virus security settings for any size of business, helping you protect yourself from email and web-based virus infections before they reach your network. This hassle-free service provides 24x7x365 anti-virus support and a report can be generated that lists any emails, files and attachment blocked or quarantined.

  • Anti-spam

      Hosted Anti-Spam


      Spam mail wastes bandwidth capacity, degrades your network performance and exposes your computers and network to virus infections. DYXnet’s Hosted Anti-Spam service uses a highly accurate filter to prevent spam mail reaching end-user mail boxes. Our solution is provisioned with industry-leading anti-spam technology . All incoming email is scanned for spam using world-class anti-spam signatures. All spamming activities are automatically blocked. A private report with a spam traffic summary is also available for customers to review at any time.

  • Intrusion Prevention

      Intrusion Prevention


      DYXnet’s Intrusion Prevention provides a non-stop, preemptive approach to identifying potential threats, monitoring suspicious traffic, and responding pro-actively before an attack takes place.


      Your network will be monitored around the clock and any suspicious activity will be stopped without affecting normal network traffic, so you don’t need to worry about complex intrusion-prevention technology, statistics or administration. This affordable service comes with reports and support, and involves no equipment investment and minimal maintenance costs.


      By off-loading your network security tasks to DYXnet, you can simplify your network complexity, enhance your business continuity and reliability, and safeguard productivity. By reducing the strain on your IT staff, you can also re-allocate resources to business innovation and other high-value projects.

  • Benefits

      The benefits of DYXnet Network Security Services include but are not limited to:

      • Reduced complexity: One-stop solutions feature multiple functions and a single point-of-contact for hassle-free implementation, administration and ongoing support;

      • Simplified management: A user-friendly GUI enables daily management and administration with no specific technical knowledge or training required;

      • 24x7 protection: DYXnet security experts monitor your network remotely around the clock, offering proactive support and monitoring;

      • Ease of troubleshooting: A single-point-of-contact security expert ensures direct, fast and easy troubleshooting; and

      • Low costs: Managed services come with no or minimal hardware and software investment, and few or no recurring maintenance costs.

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