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Contactless Temperature Screening



Resume Operation Safely with SenseTime Contactless AI Temperature Screening Device


With the growing threat of the COVID-19, temperature screening and monitoring becomes mandatory for most public and even work spaces. Hand-held scanner, a common temperature screening device used by many businesses,does not only expose risks to viruses but also increases cost on human resources due to close contact.


In view of this, DYXnet Group introduces an AI-enabled all-in-one contactless temperature screening device - SenseThunder-E mini powered by SenseTime’s leading computer vision and deep learning algorithms. SenseTime is a leading global company focused on developing AI technologies with a number of technological breakthrough. SenseThunder-E mini is effective in detecting normal and abnormal temperatures by detection of over 10,000 points across the forehead, and managing foot traffic flow in indoor environments. It can also accurately and efficiently match a registered user with their corresponding profile, thus replacing manual registration and improving operational efficiency.


      Core Functions      


Contactless Measurement Contactless Measurement Face Mask Detection & Reminder Face Mask Detection & Reminder
Accurate Measurement Accurate Measurement Liveness Detection Liveness Detection
Attendance Taking Attendance Taking Access Control Access Control

       Key Features       


Contactless temperature screening from a distance of up to 1.2 metres

Body temperature measurement accuracy of ±0.4°C

Measurement speed less than 0.5 seconds

Able to deny access to individuals with a suspected fever or who are not wearing a face mask

Attendance-taking via facial recognition technology


Easy installation

No other equipments required for installation


        Contactless Measurement & Face Mask Detection Function      


Access Permitted:

Normal Temperature

Access Denied:

Abnormal Temperature

Access Denied:

Without Mask


       Application Scenarios       


  • Suitable for restaurants, commercial buildings, residential estates, shopping malls, schools, hotels and factories, offices etc.
  • Can be installed on gate entrance or aisle without gate control


>>For more information, you could download the leaflet here.


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