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Experience the power and reach of multipoint video conferencing, and stay connected to remote colleagues or partners all over the world – anytime, anywhere

Have you ever thought of meeting online with remote colleagues, customers, suppliers or partners from multiple locations as easily as if you were face-to-face? Or if you have, did you enjoy it?

  • Challenges

      Key challenges under the current economic scenario

      • Travel budgets are shrinking, but the need to stay connected with branch offices and outlets or mobile workplaces is on the rise.
      • Multipoint video conferencing has been prohibitively expensive for most enterprises although it is more powerful, sophisticated and feature-rich than two-point video conferencing.
      • Many high-definition video conferencing solutions on the market today are incompatible with other standard video conferencing systems.
  • Highlights

      ONE VC can help

      A maximum of 20 different locations can be accommodated in each conference session.

      • Now, you can sit in the comfort of your office and reach your colleagues or partners at various locations instantly over the web without the need for costly and time-consuming travel.
      • Multipoint video conferencing has never been easier or more affordable than with ONE VC – there’s simply no need to upgrade to cost-prohibitive video conferencing systems or equipment.
      • ONE VC delivers a truly authentic and immersive high-definition video conferencing experience as well as full interoperability with other standard video conferencing systems.
  • Benefits

      True multipoint connectivity

      A maximum of 20 different locations can be accommodated in each conference session.


      Minimal initial investment
      With only a monthly service fee or per session fee, you can set up instant meetings anytime, anywhere without the hassle of huge initial investment or the inconvenience of network setup or maintenance.


      Able to seamlessly communicate between a PC with webcam, Tandberg, Polycom, Sony and other standard VC systems.


      Delivers true high-definition video at up to 720p resolution.


      True end-to-end accessibility
      Accessible via public Internet or DYXnet’s secured MPLS VPN network.


      Fast and flexible 
      With only a few mouse clicks, it is easy to start, join or invite participants into a conference anytime, anywhere right from your PC.

IP Telephony


Reduce your global communications costs with consolidated, productivity-enhancing applications


Regional business involves a diverse and extensive range of cross-border communications – long-distance calls, video conferencing, instant messaging, SMS, fax and email. DYXnet Unified Communications is designed to facilitate efficient and secure business collaboration with dynamic business communications that operate independently of geographic boundaries.


Thanks to the emergence of VoIP technology, you can not only enjoy substantial cost-savings in your daily cross-border communications, but also reap the immense benefits of an agile and globally-connected workforce. DYXnet’s IP Telephony solution seamlessly integrates your voice gateway with your LAN and WAN environments, providing a powerful, corporate-wide communication platform that converges real-time applications such as Instant Messaging, voice and video conferencing with non-time-sensitive services — for example, voicemail, e-mail and fax – enabling a flawless communication system that delivers remarkable savings, privacy, efficiency, mobility and reliability.


  • Benefits

      Save costs
      An IP-based PBX runs on your existing LAN infrastructure, so there are no costs for phone lines or cable-wiring. By leveraging DYXnet’s global network, you can also use your enterprise WAN to minimize communications overheads between your headquarters, local offices and remote sites. Indeed, IP-based communications offer you considerable savings on business travel, long-distance calls, video conferencing and instant collaboration, while also serving your business with high quality data and voice transmissions.


      Accelerate your communication efficiency
      With only a monthly service fee or per session fee, you can set up instant meetings anytime, anywhere without the hassle of huge initial investment or the inconvenience of network setup or maintenance.


      Mitigate business risks
      With our professional project management, technical expertise and technology-support from leading vendors such as Cisco, Polycom and Zultys , you can be confident that your migration to a new Unified Communications environment will be deployed with minimal impact on your business. For your peace of mind, DYXnet is the MPLS VPN market leader in Greater China and utilizes the industry’s best practices in its network management and control. It also offers a multilingual service desk featuring nonstop, 24x7 support throughout the region.


  • Key Features

      Key features of DYXnet IP PBX solutions:

      Standard PBX features

      • Complete PBX functionality with integrated voice mail 
      • Automatic or on-demand call recording 
      • Multiple automated attendants 
      • Multiple Automated Call Distribution (ACD), hunt groups and operator groups 
      • Flexible paging groups


      IP PBX Advanced Features

      • Fax termination, origination and storage 
      • Instant messaging, presence and chat 
      • Desktop video conferencing 
      • Advanced call center features



      • Flexible call handling rules 
      • Find me / follow me feature 
      • Remote users over the Internet 
      • iPhone & Blackberry support


      Manageability & Administration

      • Detailed call reports 
      • Call restriction 
      • Archiving for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliance, including voice mail, call recording, fax and IM 
      • GUI administration


      Expandability & Reliability

      • Expandable to support up to 128,000 users in multiple locations 
      • Multiple languages and worldwide support 
      • n+1 redundancy 
      • Integration with external CRM applications

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