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DYXnet Smart WAN Service


Operate Your Nationwide Retail Chain with a Single Management Network​


To capture the massive opportunities in China's fast-growing retail market, your retail chain needs to expand rapidly from Hong Kong to different provinces of China, and even to other parts of Asia. To support this growth, it is vital that your information network enables the efficient and accurate smooth-running of your entire supply chain. It must also be capable of handling the rapidly-evolving complexity of expanding your retail sites both numerically and geographically.


Smart WAN provides a total, stress-free solution. Regardless of how many sites you operate, and no matter where your sites are located in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, or even in other countries in Asia, you can manage and control your entire retail-chain network with a single Smart WAN system.


Riding on DYXnet's nationwide, robust IP network in Mainland China and extensive infrastructure across Asia, Smart WAN connects all your sites with a single management network that provides dynamic, comprehensive and secure control of all your data, voice and multimedia communications.


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  • Benefits

      The power to take your business further

      DYXnet Smart WAN is a unique industry solution tailored to the specific needs of retail businesses in Greater China. It's designed to deliver unsurpassed benefits that drive your business expansion with ease, reliability and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


      Unmatched Flexibility

      With 37 Point-of-Presences, covering more than 700 cities worldwide, DYXnet can help you connect your retail sites effectively no matter how many retail sites you have or where they are located. This dynamic flexibility provides unprecedented scalability for hassle-free business growth.

      You are free to choose a customized profile for each site, including network connections (e.g. private network, ADSL, leased line, SDH, xDSL or 3G), bandwidth and security settings to match your business and operational needs.


      One-stop Solutions

      • DYXnet provides end-to-end services, from planning, integration and implementation to day-to-day network management, thus eliminating the complicated process of dealing with different telcos and system integrators in different locations.
      • Smart WAN connects your geographically-dispersed sites with a single network that simplifies your daily network administration and management.


      Superior Performance and Reliability

      • Smart WAN is a Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology-based network, providing a highly reliable dedicated network environment for your applications' transactions.
      • We provide proactive network device management, network monitoring and reporting services based on the industry's best-practices, namely ISO20000 service management and ISO9001. We also provide a 24x7 multilingual service desk.
      • We provide proactive network device management, network monitoring and reporting services based on the industry’s best-practices, namely ISO 27001, ISO20000 service management and ISO9001. We also provide a 24x7 multilingual service desk.
      • ONEprivate network Retail allows customers to rapidly create a nationwide connection, without having to purchase or locate new equipment. We provide a fully managed, network-based suite of connectivity that involves no start-up costs or expensive capital outlay. 
      • ONEprivate network Retail is an all-encompassing solution that frees your business from the complexity of implementing, operating and managing a retail-chain communication network, so you can focus your resources on your core business and high-return projects. 


      With online management tools, you can monitor the status of your network anytime, anywhere

  • Comparison
        DYXnet Smart WAN Legacy Network Design
      Tunnel Dual tunnel with auto-failover  Single tunnel
      Network Quality Guaranteed by DYXnet SLA Public Internet
      Connection To the nearest termination hub

      Normally to far remote hub


      Eliminates bottlenecks between different ISPs

      No guarantee, subject to public Internet quality

      Fault Monitoring

      Pro-active alerts

      Customers discover the fault by themselves


      Centralised management

      Site by site

      Service Hours

      24/7 around the clock

      Subject to customer resource

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