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MPLS Network Remote


Secure Mobility for Your Remote Users


When your employees, partners, suppliers or mobile workers need remote access to corporate resources, you need a secure and versatile solution that facilitates controlled access and reduces security risks.


MPLS Network Remote is a fully managed remote access solution. It relies on a web browser's Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to provide a secure gateway for remote users to access corporate resources anytime, anywhere.


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  • Benefits
      • Delivers comprehensive security features including user authentication, multi-level permission,host-end checking and virtual desktop to prevent data leakage and unauthorized intrusions
      • Reduces the complexities and costs of implementing and maintaining remote access for employees, partners and suppliers
      • Enhances staff productivity by providing high-performance and convenient remote access function
      • Eliminates the need for user training and simplifies operations by being easy to reconfigure and expand as your business grows
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