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MPLS Network Corporate


Achieve business transformation with our comprehensive and reliable enterprise network solutions


DYXnet Group specializes in providing Enterprise Network Solutions including Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS), Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN), Internet Access, Data Center Services, and Network Security Solutions to enterprise clients via efficient provisioning capabilities in numerous cities throughout Greater China and the wider Asia-Pacific region.


To participate in high-speed economic growth in Asia Pacific region, enterprises need to constantly transform themselves to maintain their competitiveness and enable continual growth. For instance, a fast-food chain may need to multiply the number of its POS systems to support its growth in China. Likewise, a toy manufacturer may need to improve its communications with overseas customers and branch offices in China and Taiwan through video conferencing systems.


To keep pace with this constant business transformation, you need a cost effective, scalable and expandable operational backbone that supports reliable, robust and adaptable network operations which fits your business needs today and tomorrow.


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  • Technology

      Ride on a Leading-edge MPLS Backbone​

      As a leading IP private network service provider, DYXnet delivers a wide spectrum of high-performance, IP private network connectivity solutions under the brand of ONE private network. Operating on DYXnet's private Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) network, these ONE private network networking solutions offer exceptional manageability and scalability for any-to-any IP connections, and at a low cost of ownership.


      DYXnet's MPLS-based network is operated fully-redundantly, this state-of-the-art backbone is also built entirely on new-generation facilities that enable the continuous expansion of capacity, bandwidth and coverage.


  • Class of Service

      Adaptive Network Solutions to Fit Your Business Today and Tomorrow

      DYXnet private network provides a private, fully-managed connection with various options in terms of services, Class of Service (CoS) and Quality of Service (QoS). With DYXnet private network, businesses can maximize their returns on investment (ROI) by selecting a best-fit category and Class of Service according to their individual business needs.


      Private network Enterprise – Provides unsurpassed flexibility for all sizes of business and all kinds of applications. Whether you require real-time applications or operate a general data transmission, private network Enterprise gives you three dynamic Classes of Service -- Gold, Silver and Bronze -- to meet your specific business needs and application requirements. You are free to choose the CoS for your private network Enterprise or flexibly assign a combination of CoS with designated bandwidths within a single private network connection.

  • Comparison

      Comparison among ONE private network Enterprise, ONE private network Corporate Plus and ONE private network Corporate


        ONE private network Enterprise ONE private network Corporate Plus ONE private network Corporate
      Service nature Network-based global IP private network
      Network DYXnet managed MPLS backbone
      Class of service (CoS) Gold / Silver / Bronze Silver Bronze
      Scalability High, only one physical connection is needed for every additional site with multipoint to multipoint connection
      Flexibility High, Telco neutral, all types of local circuits are supported

      Highly flexible to support multiple CoS for different applications including

      • Gold - real time applications such as VC, VoIP, IP Telephony
      • Silver - delay sensitive Applications such as ERP, CRM&
      • Bronze – email, corporate websites and data transfer
      Delay sensitive applications such as ERP, CRM Email, corporate websites and data transfer
      Local Loop Telco dedicated circuits  (Metro Ethernet, fiber, dedicated line etc.) + SSL mobile user access Any types of circuit + SSL mobile user access
  • Benefits

      DYXnet private network Delivers Complete Peace of Mind


      Superior Network Performance 
      World-class network performance is ensured by DYXnet's MPLS core network featuring full-mesh topology, built-in redundancy and extensive coverage.


      Assured Quality of Service (QoS) 
      Offered flexibly according to your applications, usage and business needs, private network can be tailor-made with our offered Class of Service, thus ensuring that your private network connection always delivers guaranteed QoS in terms of capacity, speed and availability.


      Industry's Best-practice Management and Support 
      Our state-of-the-art Network Operation Centre (NOC) provides proactive network device management, network monitoring and reporting services based on the industry's best-practices, namely ISO20000 and ISO9001. For your round-the-clock convenience, we also provide a 24x7 multilingual service desk.


      One-stop Service 
      DYXnet provides end-to-end services, from planning, integration and implementation to day-to-day network management. No matter how many offices, branches or sites you operate in the Greater China region, you can manage and coordinate your cross-border network via a single point of contact.


      Partnered with Professionals 
      To serve the complex needs of our customers in their native countries and languages, DYXnet not only partners with technology leaders such as Cisco, Microsoft and Polycom, but also works closely with over 200 local consulting companies, system integrators, solution providers and hardware/software resellers throughout the region.


  • SLA

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