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Data Centre Cloud


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Driven by the increasing popularity of smartphones and other mobile devices, users can now enjoy a whole new IT environment at fingertips. Regardless of the use as for business or personal interests, mobile applications are no longer competitive differentiators but necessities for most enterprises to maintain their footholds in the market. To keep up with such ever-change pace, it becomes more difficult for enterprises to build their own data centres (DCs) to cater the data explosion coming from cloud computing and virtualization technology. Moving toward DC service provides better ways to centralize and consolidate IT resources, enabling enterprises to conduct business round-the-clock.


The major difference between now and then is the increase in online transactions resulting from the emergence of e-commerce. Any network interruptions may cause significant losses to enterprises directly. Therefore, stable network and DCs are more important today than ever. However, building a private DC consumes space and a large amount of upfront investment. Even if you choose to use blade servers to save space, the servers themselves emit a lot more heat, requiring the DC to overhaul the cooling system in order to support current and future data demands.

Most of the issues can be addressed by DYXnet’s Data Centre Cloud (DCC). DCC integrates our existing network scale, in-house server hosting and contact centre outsourcing, coupled with our competitive edge in carrier neutral facilities, to provide you a 360-degree hosting solution with a one-stop deployment. DCC provides you with all-round services, from simple co-location to managed hosting, and from one virtual server to a totally private cloud solution. DCC is not only our T3 to T4 DC solution, but also a one-stop, enterprise-class Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) for all kinds of businesses, especially ecommerce. It offers on-demand computing, cloud hosting, cloud storage and applications based on clients’ needs that strongly backed up by our MPLS private network backbone. By integrating into the heart of your IT infrastructure, the unified approach allows progressive and innovative DC infrastructure solutions to ensure operations flexibility, converged data applications, as well as greater energy and space efficiency.

Every enterprise is looking for ways of cost reductions in the backdrop of current economic climate, where IT expense is no exception. To enjoy a flexible and secure solution that easily complements with your existing infrastructure, there is no better choice than our DCC. With a service portfolio of MPLS private network, DC and Call Centre, DCC spans the entire spectrum of an enterprise’s needs covering Greater China.


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  • Benefits

      Carrier Neutral Facilities

      Riding on our carrier neutral in nature and rich telco resources, we cover the three major telcos’ networks and partner with various second-tier telcos to provide a scalable and adaptable DC architecture that dramatically reduces time and complexity from concept and design through installation.


      International Standards Guarantee

      DYXnet has successfully obtained ISO9001, ISO27001 and ISO20000 to ensure our customers getting the best of breed soft and hard capabilities of international standards. Our DCs are designed to meet and exceed the infrastructure levels specified in the international standards to provide competitive advantages to our customers.


      Flexible Configurations Scale with Your Business

      In order to meet your specific needs, DCC offers 360-degree hosting solution, from T2-T4 grade traditional DC services such as co-location, standalone cage, ONE Cloud Director (building your own IT infrastructure) to Cloud Dedicated Hosting (virtual cloud management platform), allowing your enterprise to minimize risk and heighten flexibility. You can also select from our network and contact centre pools in cope with your business needs and future expansion.


      Professional Analysis

      As your DC partner, we offer professional analysis on geographic, full redundancy, cooling system, PDU configuration, rack electricity and industry special requirement to create a properly balanced, optimized and efficient Data Centre with our MPLS private network backbone.


      Cloud Structure of DCs

      DYXnet sets up double DCs within the same city to protect your data and eliminate the complexity of managing the data backup lifecycle. You can also specify the provisioning directly via the self service management portal. Equipped with our infrastructure of full redundancy and ample electricity, we ensure you enterprise can get up and running immediately during contingencies.

  • Facility


      With over a decade of experience in Information and Communications Technology, DYXnet’s DCC provides a highly secured, protected and environmentally controlled facility for you to maintain your critical data, server operating applications and network.



      • We house twelve traditional IDCs in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Foshan, Shenzhen and Taipei of grade T2-T4
      • Customers can rent our rack from 1/4 to full based on their needs
      • Sufficient space to maintain low density between racks
      • Legal operation with nationwide licenses



      • Highly reliable redundancy of N+1~2N
      • Ample electricity resources
      • Power backed up by generator and UPS



      • Precise control of temperature and humidity
      • Water leakage detecting system
      • Scalable cooling system of centrifugal and reciprocating chiller and CRAC units


      Fire Protection

      • FM200 fire suppression system
      • Divided into different areas for the best protection
      • Real-time monitoring


      Security Control

      • 24x7 Network Operations Centre
      • CCTV real-time surveillance
      • Multi-level security to control access
      • Video record up to 30 days

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