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Optimize Your Multi-location Server Management, Performance and Protection

Hosting your servers in-house requires a huge up-front investment in bandwidth, hardware and software, as well as server room facilities such as UPS, rack, raised floor, power and cooling, security, and a team of trained engineers to support day-to-day operations. The workload and cost will be even higher if you need to manage servers which are disparately located in different cities.

With DYXnet Co-location Services, you can reliably store, secure and maintain your server infrastructure locally and remotely, even across borders, with a one-stop, single point of contact. You can have confidence that your data will be kept secure and transmitted with high performance and capacity at all times.


Robust Infrastructure and Operations
As a leading IP private network service provider, DYXnet operates a fully-redundant, MPLS-based network is continuously expanding its capacity, bandwidth and coverage. All data centres are equipped with redundant Internet upstream connections to avoid a single point of failure and unexpected downtime, and are managed with the industry's best-practices, namely ISO20000 and ISO9001.


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  • IDC Facilities

      Redundant Power Supplies

      To minimize the potential risks of power failure and keep your servers up and running at all times, each of our data centres is equipped with parallel redundant uninterruptible power supply (UPS), as well as standby backup generators and a battery backup system to guarantee zero-downtime service.
      Environmental Control
      All our data centres are equipped with 24-hour Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) Systems which maintain the environment at a constant temperature of 22oC and a relative humidity of 45%. This provides an optimal environment for server hosting.
      Security and Fire Safety
      Our 24x7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) monitors the data centre with a CCTV surveillance system, motion-detection sensors and an alarm system to prevent any physical intrusions. For fire control, we use two fire fighting systems — a Fire Master 200 (FM 200) fire suppression system and a water pre-action system. The former utilizes heptaflouropropane gas, which is environmentally-friendly, secure and non-corrosive to electrical equipment, while the latter serves as a backup in the event of a worst-case scenario.

  • Benefits

      Flexible Carrier-neutral Platform

      In addition to running your servers on our robust network, our carrier-neutral platform also give you the flexibility to choose telecom providers according to your individual network requirements.
      Dynamic Space Solutions
      DYXnet Co-location Services offer solutions with maximum flexibility and scalability, ranging from a minimum quarter-rack space to a multiple-racks occupation. With our expert recommendations, you can choose a co-location solution based on your specific needs.
      Quality and Support
      DYXnet offers rigorous service level agreements for its Co-location Services,covering network availability, outage notification, backbone latency and uninterrupted power. For your round-the-clock convenience, we also provide 24x7 technical support and open a service ticket whenever you need to.
      Valued-added Services
      To further enhance the transmission of your data traffic with better routing, accelerated performance and more accurate detection of DDoS attacks, DYXnet offers a series of valued-added services such as Content Distribution, Content Distribution Plus and Clean Bandwidth.
      Low Cost
      With DYXnet, you can enjoy high-quality Co-location Services with built-in world-class infrastructure, facilities and management at a very reasonable price. You also enjoy continuous savings in your time and avoid the vast expense of maintaining your own servers as DYXnet technical staff will handle all network and server-hosting issues on your behalf.

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