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Testimonials from our valued Business Partners


DYXnet enjoys strong partnerships with leading industry players coming from around the world since 1999. We valued the testimonials given by our partners, reflecting their recognition of our efforts in providing them the best-of-breeds ICT services. Their supports enhance our confidence in exploring potential opportunities for all time.



"Our cooperation with DYXnet started in 2008 and since which, we have widely adopted the full series of Juniper’s products that are riding on the backbone network of DYXnet. Along the way, we are pleased with our partnership with DYXnet, a diversified operator that provides stable and reliable network and solutions.  With its outstanding management and executive teams, we are happy to work together and create high efficiency."


Juniper Networks

Kevin Sun, Regional Sales Manager, North China Enterprise




"Congratulations for the IP private network! I think it is your sales, project managers and engineers doing such a good job. Everyone should learn from them by following to wherever the sales are. NTT is one of the largest carriers in the world. Therefore, by leveraging on DYXnet’s network, we have successfully set up NNI, as well as connections to provide IP private network service to our customers. For all these we accomplished, I appreciate DYXnet’s efforts and we look forward to more cooperation in the future."


NTT Taiwan Ltd.

Terufumi Maki, President & CEO



"I am very grateful for DYXnet’s support to Orange, helping us to win in numerous large business deals where we have to deploy over 100 lines each. Let me summarize my feelings and thoughts toward DYXnet for the past two years in three points: 1) they have internationalized visions and management team; 2) they possess a strong KPI evaluation system; and 3, the most important is their value for money. After communicating with my team, we all agree DYXnet can provide the end users with guaranteed SLA which is even higher and more flexible as compared to other large operators.  We hope our two companies will continue to work closely in such a pleasant partnership!"


Orange Business Services  

Chong Ming TAN, Head of Regional Operations China



"We have joined hands with DYXnet since its establishment in 1999. During all this time, we have experienced ups and downs together, overwhelmed us with mixed feelings. We wish Polycom’s partnership with DYXnet will keep going and continue to combine our video conferencing system with DYXNet’s MPLS private network network, providing customers with the best quality service!"


Polycom China

Kelvin Bu, Sales Manager



"Polycom has entered the market over two decades, during which DYXnet is such a close business partner for us. Through DYXnet’s MPLS private network solution, along with our video conferencing equipment, we help many enterprises to establish superior conferencing systems. I am glad that Polycom and DYXnet Group grow together and jointly launch the best-of-breed solution."


Polycom Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

Jimmy Leu, Country Sales Manager, Taiwan branch office



"Regarding the Softbank’s strategy, actually we rely so much on our partners activities. I am glad to celebrate a big achievement of DYXnet’s business expansion in market. We have created the joint venture in China for the local networks solution, and data centre solution, like the call centre solution by partnering with DYXnet since 2012. So far, it is very successful from our perspective for the expansion of our SoftBank business in China, especially for the enterprise solution. We also decide to interconnect our global reach of MPLS through NNI to expand our strength together with DYXnet."


SoftBank Telecom Corp.

Koji Ishii, Director, Global Service Development Department,  Network Service Development Division, Sales Development Unit

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