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Feb 23, 2012

Promising Results of DYXnet in 2011 Shows Revenue Growth of 30%

MPLS private network and Contact Centre Outsourcing Continue to Drive Strong Overall Revenue Growth

(Hong Kong, 23 February 2012) DYXnet, the leading Greater China Communications Technology (ICT) Service Provider, is pleased to announce the 2011 overall revenue surged 30% as compared to that of 2010. The growth was mainly attributed to the outstanding performance of MPLS private network and Contact Centre Outsourcing businesses. Contact Centre Outsourcing maintained a rapid growth of 70% while the growth rate of MPLS private network reached 30% as compared to 2010.

Mr. Lap Man, Founder & CEO of DYXnet, stated, “Being the Founder & CEO of DYXnet Group for over 12 years, I am proud to announce that DYXnet reached new record high in 2011 since our establishment. I am pleased to witness that DYXnet achieved such impressive results, especially in the Contact Centre Outsourcing business. Thanks to the breakthrough development we achieved, we have successfully drawn much attention from famous local and international chained restaurants and finance/insurance industry. In addition, our MPLS private network business recorded steady growth in markets of North and East China.”

In 2011, DYXnet’s Contact Centre Outsourcing business continued to be the major revenue drive of the Group with a growth rate of 70%. In particular in the catering industry, the growth rate reached a high level of 210%. Currently, the Group operates five contact centres in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing with 1,600 seats. Its client base covers banking/insurance, chained restaurants, market research, education and other industries, highlighting the superior quality of the Group’s Contact Centre Outsourcing service. The clients included Nielsen, Synovate, CSL, China Guangfa Bank, Sun Life Everbright Life Insurance, Kungfu as well as other famous local and international enterprises.

The MPLS private network business continued to achieve solid growth in 2011. With a growth rate of 30% as compared to last year, it achieved rather strong growth in North and East China. Its clients included LEGO, Yahoo, GOME, New World Department Store and other local and international enterprises.

Looking forward to 2012, despite of the global economic uncertainties, the impact will be minor in Mainland China as its domestic demands remains strong. With the development in tertiary industry (namely, service industry), it is expected that the demand for the Contact Centre Outsourcing business will continue to grow. Facing the great potential in the Mainland China market, DYXnet will fully expand its reach in retail, catering and finance/insurance industries riding on the advanced technology, efficient operation management and quality service in our contact centres. The Group is set to become the leading Contact Centre Outsourcing service provider in Greater China as well as to set up the Cloud Contact Centre. For MPLS private network business, DYXnet will further expand its penetration in retail and catering industries in Mainland China and expect to maintain a 30% growth in 2012. In addition to the markets in North and East China, the Group will invest more resources in the South China market.


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