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Nov 30, 2015

DYXnet Selected as Title Sponsor of Leapers 2015

Demonstrating restless efforts on charity

(Hong Kong, Nov 30, 2015) DYXnet, the leading Greater China's ICT (Information and Communications Technology) service provider, is pleased to announce that the company was selected by Compassion Revival Limited as the Title Sponsor of Leapers 2015. Since its debut in 2014, the Leapers is a walkathon activity that is held annually with an aim to raise funds for the "Adopt a Village Program" and the "Children Sponsorship Program". Leapers 2015 being the second time of the event was held on November 28. Daniel Tsui, Council Member of Compassion Revival Limited; Charles Mok, Legislative Councilor (Information Technology), The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; and Jeremy Cheng, General Manager, HK Sales, DYXnet, officiated the opening ceremony apart from delivering speeches at the event. Nearly 40 DYXnet staff and their family members have joined this meaningful event.

Lap Man, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of DYXnet, said: "We are glad to be selected as the title sponsor of the Leapers 2015. Compassion Revival is dedicated to caring and offering assistance to communities living in poverty that are often neglected by the general public. Through the reconstruction of children's confidence and helping them find the meaning of life, Compassion Revival encourages these children to rejoin the society independently and gradually create a self-reliant community in the long run. Such spirit is far more meaningful than simply donating money to the needy because the help provided is more sustainable."

"It is inevitable that people come across different challenges as they grow up. But an important message that the Leapers 2015 has brought about is that, with the support from their fellows, they shall be able to face and overcome these difficulties with a positive attitude. This is actually very similar to the challenges that DYXnet has faced since it establishment in 1999. What gives us the power to rise above the hurdles is the support from our colleagues, business partners and clients. As a socially responsible enterprise, we are more than happy to join this kind of charity event. On one hand, we are placing the donation at the right place. On the other hand, it offers a great opportunity for our staff to gather with a common hope of helping others," Lap Man continued.

Alison Tam, Executive Director of Compassion Revival Limited, said: "Through the Leapers walkathon event, we hope to provide our participants with a valuable experience. By resembling the experience of our services, beneficiaries leap over challenges (跨越) with a sense of empowerment through the support and trust from his or her fellows (同途). This is indeed the service spirit of Compassion Revival. In this year’s walkathon event, we are pleased to have DYXnet, Greater China’s MPLS private network market leader, as our title sponsor. With the generous support from them and other sponsors from various industries, we are optimistic that we will exceed the donation that we have received from last year to continue with holistic care for the poor and the needy through the ‘Adopt a Village Program’ and the ‘Children Sponsorship Program’ in Inner Mongolia and Pakistan.”


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