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Apr 28, 2011

DYXnet Launches eShopKeeper Online Housekeeping Service

Enabling Online Retailers to Lower Operations Costs and
Strengthening Customer Service Quality and Flexibility

(Hong Kong, 28 April 2011) – DYXnet, Greater China’s leading ICT (Information and Communications Technology) service provider, announced today its newly launch of eShopKeeper online housekeeping service – a value-added service under its Contact Centre Outsourcing services portfolio. Through providing online retailers with its housekeeping service, DYXnet targets to help those retailers to lower costs while enhancing customer service quality and flexibility.

Lap Man, Founder and CEO of DYXnet, stated, “The name of eShopKeeper (‘You Fu Yi Jia’ in Mandarin) comes from DYXnet’s goal to become quality housekeeping service provider for online shops. ‘Jia’ in Mandarin has a similar pronunciation with ‘Home’, showing our commitment to making our customers satisfied and giving them a sense of belonging like home; on the other hand, ‘e’ means we serve all online shops. As the development of e-commerce penetrates into many areas today, comprehensive customer service plays a key role for the success of e-commerce. Due to the lack of comprehensive and professional customer service quality, many customers often encounter unpleasant online shopping experience, reducing their repeat purchase rate. DYXnet’s eShopKeeper online housekeeping service helps online retailers to provide quality customer service and lower their costs, empowering them with a competitive edge in such fierce market competition of online shops.”

With growing popularity of online shopping, it is now part of the sizable online retail industry which has a great market potential. According to the information released by China Internet Information Centre (CNNIC), as of the end of December 2010, the number of netizens in China reached 457 million, in where online shopping is the fastest growing Internet application and is expected to reach RMB523.1 billion. In addition, the online retail market will move toward diversification, large-scale, branding and platform-based.

As a professional contact centre outsourcing service provider, DYXnet’s eShopKeeper provides online retailers with quality customer services, both before and after sale, and artwork support, etc. through our professional training, experienced customer service team. Customer service team staff can use hotline as well as online tools such as, QQ, MSN, and Tao Bao Wang Wang, etc., to communicate with buyers directly and complete the transaction process from product recommendation, sale and delivery, as well as evaluation and management.

In addition to satisfy the demand for quality customer service, eShopKeeper helps lower the operations investment without the burden of hiring and training customer service staff. eShopkeeper also ensures the flexibility of service. For example, during peak or promotion seasons with extra traffic, online retailers can increase the seats of contact centres and service time; while during low seasons, they can adjust the seats and service time accordingly. This leads to higher service flexibility.

Ravic Li, Managing Director of China of DYXnet, said, “Our well-trained customer service team is fully capable of providing quality customer service. It is far more economical and reliable to rent a contact centre seat than hiring a customer service staff. In addition, flexible seat arrangement can facilitate the customers during different sales period for better resources allocation, enhancing cost-effectiveness.”

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