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Jul 20, 2011

DYXnet Launches Cloud Data Safe and vFirewall Services

Group’s CDH nodes now cover Greater China to meet increasing demand of clients in the region

(Hong Kong, 20 July 2011) – DYXnet, Greater China’s leading ICT (Information and Communications Technology) service provider today launched two enhancements to its fast-growing Cloud Dedicated Hosting (CDH) service: Cloud Data Safe (CDS) and vFirewall. The CDS and vFirewall services will be available immediately to DYXnet customers in Hong Kong, Mainland China and Taiwan to meet increasing demand from the company's clients across Greater China.

"We are very pleased to see that the CDH business, which we launched only last year, has already become one of the Group's major growth engines," said Lap Man, Founder and CEO of DYXnet. "Our deployment of cloud services was first established in Hong Kong and subsequently gained popularity in Taiwan and Mainland China. Today, one out of three companies that try out the service in Greater China becomes our client. This figure is very promising. With such high market potential, we will continue to invest in CDH nodes and to develop enhancements like CDS and vFirewall. Maintaining growth in our business depends on keeping one step ahead of demand for comprehensive cloud services."

Currently, there are six DYXnet’s CDH nodes, covering Hong Kong, Taipei and Beijing. The Group plans to build more nodes in Shanghai and Guangzhou to meet increasing demand from the company's clients across Greater China.
According to global research company IDC’s latest Digital Universe Study, global data volume is doubling every two years and will reach 1.8ZB by the end of 2011. IDC also believes enterprise-class application data accounts for 80% of total data volume. For enterprise users, with such exponential growth in their business data volume, it is essential to adopt an economical backup solution. DYXnet’s new CDS service has many advantages including lower initial investment, reduced administration overhead and lower lifetime running cost. CDS also helps enterprises to restore and resume business operations much faster than from traditional tape backup, while its high security is a further advantage for enterprise users.

DYXnet’s CDS is built on top of the Group's state-of-the-art CDH platform, providing enterprise-class backup of data stored on database servers, email servers, file servers and even desktops and notebooks through secure Internet access. DYXnet’s CDH platform is designed for high performance with fully redundant features to meet intensive and fast-changing enterprise demands. All network storage devices have redundant disk controllers, RAID + hot spare hard disk protection and redundant SAN path. CDS offers both scheduled and ad-hoc backup of server system files and application data, with automatic compression to save data transfer bandwidth. In addition, this service has the advantages of strong encryption on all backup files and the option of additional offsite backup.
DYXnet's new vFirewall service is a hardware firewall platform which resides between the CDH platform and the public Internet. In addition to standard firewall features, vFirewall offers multi-dimensional security solutions including intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spam and web filtering options.

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