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Jan 12, 2011

Almost One-third of Enterprises Surveyed Chose DYXnet as Their Primary Cross-region IP private network Service Provider

Effective Cost Control and Reliability Crowned the Major Factors Maintaining a Strong Momentum for 2011

(Hong Kong, 12 January 2011) – DYXnet, Greater China’s leading Information and Communications Technology service provider, is proud to announce that almost one-third of enterprises surveyed chose DYXnet as their primary cross-region IP private network service provider, as revealed in a DYXnet commissioned survey conducted in the Greater China region by the global research company IDC in the first half of 2010.

Rapid Uptake of IP private network in Asia
With the rapid rise in bandwidth-intensive applications, organisations with plans to expand in the Asia Pacific region – including multinational corporations with branches in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China – are eager to adopt IP-based private network services to maximise cost efficiency and flexibility. According to IDC, private network revenue in the Asia Pacific region (excluding Japan) is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.8%, from USD3.55 billion in 2009 to USD8.06 billion in 2014. In the Greater China region alone (including Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan), the CAGR of IP private network revenue is expected to reach 26% over the same period.

In this survey, IDC investigated the factors that enterprises liked most about their main cross-regional service provider, in which cost/pricing (24.3%) and reliability (19.2%) took the top spots. In IDC’s “APEJ Telecommunications and WAN Usage Study 2009”, cost/pricing and reliability are also the key selection criteria for enterprises in APEJ (29% and 19.9% respectively) as well as in Greater China (29.6% and 23.6% respectively) for enterprises’ choices of service providers. This shows that effective cost control and reliability are particularly important factors for a cross-region service provider to take on in order to be successful.

IDC’s IP private network survey was conducted in February 2010 on a total of 100 enterprises with less than 500 office employees and have IT decision-making responsibilities and operations across Greater China.

“We are excited and gratified by the results of the IDC survey. The survey, which reflects our pursuit of service excellence, has earned us recognition from customers for our effectiveness in cost control and reliability. DYXnet’s mission is to reduce the burden of companies owning and managing their own IT infrastructure, which will enable them to concentrate on their core business. This philosophy has been a key factor in our tremendous success last year. In order to maintain our strong momentum in the increasingly competitive market, it is imperative for us to further strengthen our existing network infrastructure and technology as well as to provide more valued-added services to consolidate our market position.” said Lap Man, Founder and CEO of DYXnet. “Our outstanding performance has proven that our strategy to tailor-make and refine our services is on the right track. DYXnet will continue to implement dedicated and innovative development strategies to bring customers the high-quality service that helps maximise their investment returns.”

Sherlin Pang, Research Manager of IDC Asia/Pacific said, “There is growth potential in IP-based private network services in Mainland China. Customers are still in their early stage of realizing the benefits of this service. With increasing adoption of IP-based applications and the flexibility of migrating their voice, data, and video applications to a single IP-based network, IP-based private network services can help customers eliminate business operation costs in different areas, such as without subscribing to multiple links for different applications. Customers can also apply bandwidth optimization to increase network reliability and so on. MPLS private network service segment will expand as businesses migrate to MPLS private networks to take advantage of the network's ability to support traffic prioritization through class of services, and performance monitoring tools.”

Continuing Network Coverage Expansion
Looking ahead, DYXnet aims to become the leading network service provider in Mainland China and will continue to invest in the expansion of its network coverage from the existing 28 POPs to 40-45 POPs in the next 24 months, further extending its footprint to almost every part of Mainland China and enriching the DYXnet ICT network.

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