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Case Studies

DYXnet Success Story:Tsit Wing International

Constant MPLS private network circuit monitoring supports cross-region IT network management


Many of the enormous enterprises have spread their business all over the world, so they need a reliable and effective network system to ensure a smooth business operation. Just like Tsit Wing International Holdings Limited (Tsit Wing), it is not only a listed company, but also one of Hong Kong's leading food and beverages suppliers. It provides plenty of hotels and fast food shops with a full service covering manufacturing, wholesaling, distributing, retailing to even consulting. To further enhance the effectiveness of its business operation, Tsit Wing started using DYXnet’s MPLS private network service half a year ago, to link its offices and factories and to ensure a smooth and reliable networking service.


Single Bandwidth for Multiple Operations


Tsit Wing has an enormous sales network. Its offices have all adopted DYXnet’s MPLS private network service. The Hong Kong headquarters adopts a 3MB bandwidth while the others use a 2MB bandwidth.


Joe Wong,Assistant Manager of MIS, said, “Hong Kong is the core of Tsit Wing’s business operation, so it needs a relatively high and stable bandwidth to help manage e-mail, file-sharing and systems like ERP as well as video conferencing with overseas staff or clients.”   Joe then said that even those factories need a very high quality Internet service, for they are linked up with the enterprise’s ERP system to deal with major data and commands, such as stock management or financial analysis, to provide the clients with what they needs.


ONE NetTraffic helps monitor private network service


Having an extremely large sales network, Tsit Wing surely needs a perfect system that assists its stock management. Joe confessed, “Before using the service provided by DYXnet, we only used those traditional methods to deal with the failure of our enterprise’s network system, for instance, gave a long-distance call directly to the office and checked one by one with the technical staff, in order to figure out what went wrong.”


However, after adopting DYXnet‘s MPLS private network  service, Joe is highly satisfied with the application of ONE NetTraffic. ONE NetTraffic constantly monitors every ONE private network circuit, instantaneously records any incidents, outages or downtime and generates real-time status report for day-to-day monitoring. Joe claims, “With such an automatic function, it allows us to master any changes of our network system and to take remedial actions as soon as possible and maintaining the enterprise’s smooth operation.


Joe also stated that to their delight, there were notany major faults occur within the half year which they adopted DYXnet’s service, and so they had complete confidence in DYXnet’s network service. This speeded up the factory in Dongguan to adopt DYXnet’s MPLS private network service a month ago. Joe said, “Think of adopting MPLS private network service, Tsit Wing’s main concern is it needs to be stable and cost effective enough at the same time. As DYXnet fulfils all our needs in that aspect, that’s why I’m so willing to recommend the high quality network service provided by DYXnet to my friends!”

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