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Case Studies

DYXnet Success Story: 3D Gold Jewellery

Real-Time Data Delivery with Data Centre Service


Data centre is one of the most important IT technologies for large enterprises to smooth their operations. Traditional data centres, however, take up certain amount of space and consume more resources. Therefore, 3D Gold Jewellery (3D Gold) adopts DYXnet’s data centre service to connect each network point, delivering important data in real-time.


Data Centre Outsourcing to Save IT Resources


3D Gold (formerly known as Hang Fung Gold Technology Limited (Hang Fung Gold)) is one of the renowned retail jewelry brands in Hong Kong with businesses in China, Macau and Hong Kong. Currently, 3D Gold is adopting DXYnet’s data centre service located in Hong Kong with a dedicated line to connect different branches in Mainland China. Mr. Andy Foo, Senior IT Manager of 3D Gold, said, “Through the data centre, we can transfer or access to information necessary for daily operation in real-time, such as email, intranet and POS, etc.”


Mr. Foo continued, “We did not have an independent server room, so when we considered setting up one, it would consume significant amounts of space, air-conditioner and backup power, etc. But with DYXnet, we can save our resources.” At the same time, 3D Gold has set up a MPLS private network in its Hung Hom headquarters and broadband in each branch to establish a comprehensive network.


Quick Failure Notification and Reliable Backend Support


Before renamed as 3D Gold, Hang Fung Gold has a long-term partnership with DYXnet for 8 years. Mr. Foo believes that DYXnet provides superior backend supports. He stated, “I have been contacted by DYXnet’s backend staff notifying a system failure during late night or early morning. At first, I found it inconvenient to pick up phone calls during these hours; however, on second thought, it means DYXnet does provide real-time system monitoring and supports. It keeps us posted with the most updated information so we can swiftly response to different situations.”


Attentive Account Managers Help to Solve Different Problems


In addition to the superior service, Mr. Foo also appreciated the attentiveness of DYXnet’s account managers. Some of them have followed the account of 3D Gold for years, helping them to solve different problems. Mr. Foo said, “One time, our management misunderstood the billing from DYXnet and the account managers helped to search for more information and clarify the issues to our management. We appreciated their extra works they have done to make our works smoother!”

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