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Case Studies

DYXnet Success Story:Vitasoy

A Well-known Still Beverages and Food Brand

Leveraging DYXnet’s MPLS private network to Connect Multiple Locations


In recent years, many Hong Kong enterprises chose to set up offices in order to save operating costs and to explore the market. Due to the operation across a large region, enterprises need to have an even more secured and stable network to ensure the accuracy of information transfer. One of the well-known still beverages and food brands in Hong Kong chose to use DYXnet’s MPLS private network service in the past year to transfer important operational data, connecting its plants.


Provide Backup Connection at Each MPLS private network Site


The Group is currently using DYXnet Group’MPLS private network technology to connect other cities, mainly for the use of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. The Group sells a large amount of products daily and need to communicate work instructions, such as the procurement of raw materials and production quantity, with multiple plants through the ERP system; therefore, it has a high standard when choosing a secure and stable network service.


The head of IT of the Group said that DYXnet’s MPLS private network connects the Group’s multiple plants in Hong Kong, more importantly, it provides backup connection at each MPLS private network site. When any contingencies occur, backup resources will be in place to maintain the operation of the ERP system.


Adopt Video-conferencing to Reduce Costs on Business Trips


Another issue for cross-border enterprises is the expenses derived from the business trips of employees to different places. To save the travelling expenses, after connecting different sites by MPLS private network service, the Group will also adopt video-conferencing system next year. The head of IT said that, as the management of the Group need to travel other cities for different meetings, a video-conferencing system can help save a lot of time and travelling expenses while still achieving effective communications, strengthening the operations of the enterprise.


24-hour Customer Service Centre for Immediate Technical Supports


When having branches and plants in different places, the major concern for enterprise is the time to restore network service if the network fails. DYXnet provides 24-hour Customer Service Centre to help clients to solve all kinds of network problems on time. On the other hand, DYXnet’s technical support staff monitors the network conditions in real time and will inform the clients and provide solutions if any network problems occur.


The head of IT stated, “There was this one time when a power outage occurred in our plant so that all processes had to put on hold. DYXnet’s technical support team noticed the network service suspension of this plant and immediately called to understand the circumstance, which impressed me very much. Even if the network failure does not come from the network provider, they can still detect it and follow up with the clients.”


The Group is satisfied with DYXnet’s MPLS private network service, in particular with its dedicated network backbone that provides robust network services. The head of IT concluded, “Before choosing DYXnet, we have compared six network service providers and DYXnet outperformed in terms of price, sales and technical support teams, product flexibility and corporate brand. I also appreciate that its sales team is here to listen to their clients’ needs and tailor the most suitable service for their clients.”

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