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DYXnet Success Story: Tai Hing Catering Group (Hong Kong)

Reduce Business Travel Expenses through Video Conferencing Solution


For cross-border enterprises, one of the biggest costs is spending on employees’ business travel to different regions; therefore, video conferencing becomes more popular in recent years. One of the examples is Tai Hing Catering Group (Hong Kong) (“Tai Hing”), a well-known local brand, which adopts DYXnet’s video conferencing solution. In just one year, it has successfully reduced hundreds of thousands of dollars on employees’ travel expenses.


Established in 1989, Tai Hing has been developed from fast-food restaurants selling siu mei (?? Or should use Chinese style Barbecue food) to a catering group operating Hong Kong-style restaurants, western restaurants, hotpot restaurants, izakaya and noodle shops in 10 cities across Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. 


Video Conferencing Solution to Increase Efficiency of Cross-border Conferences


With the continuous expansion of the Group, Tai Hing has spent significant amount on travel expenses as many employees were required to join the general meetings being held in one of the cities in China every 3 months. Mr. Ryan Chow, Senior IT Manager of Tai Hing Catering Group, stated, “By that time, in addition to the travel expenses, we encountered difficulties to maintain the meeting quality since we had to accommodate the travel needs of different employees and were forced to shorten some of the meetings, making those meetings not as cost-effective.”


To solve this problem, Tai Hing decided to adopt DYXnet’s MPLS private network service in order to connect its offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen through video conferencing. Mr. Chow continued, “The video conferencing solution is greatly supported by our colleagues. We have colleagues using the solution every day to host cross-border conferences, directly enhancing our operational efficiency.”


Save Hundreds of Thousands to be Re-allocated in Other IT Resources


With video conferencing solution, enterprises can immediately reduce traffic and accommodation costs of business travel. Mr. Chow expected that Tai Hing could save over hundreds of thousands of dollars on employees’ travel expenses. With those savings, the enterprise has more resources to be re-allocated in different areas, further strengthening the quality of its operations.


Mr. Chow said, “In view of the successful experience in some cities of Mainland China, we will consider to install video conferencing system in our Hong Kong, Shenyang and other offices, so that more colleagues can benefit. And at the same time, we are planning to adopt ERP and GPS monitoring systems to enable our supply management capability.”


On the service level, Mr. Chow highly appreciates the superior customer service of DYXnet. He shared one example that, one time, when the network failed and he was still trying to figure out the actual situation, he had already received a phone call from DYXnet’s staff, notifying such issue right away. He concluded, “I have recommended DYXnet’s services to my friends from the IT field because quality service is the key when selecting an IT service provider.”

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