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Network Operation Centre


To ensure the smooth-running of your business, DYXnet provides non-stop network management and technical support services via our state-of-the-art Network Operation Centres (NOCs) in Greater China region. The highlight will be the Guangzhou NOC which was relocated and expanded in 2013, its facilities and standard are extensively enhanced to a new level.


The theatre design in Guangzhou NOC, a deployment of multiple large screens in the public area as well as the assignment of dual screen for each NOC staff enable the team to visualize the network performance at real time easily, thus improving the efficiency for troubleshooting and outage or Internet attack response. Apart from this, the self-developed provisioning tool together with the implementation of stringent cross-checking and verification procedure on network configuration significantly mitigate human errors.


In order to upgrade the security level, we adopt the two-factor authentication of fingerprint and access card in NOC to ensure only authorized personnel can enter the restricted area. Besides, the adoption of high definition real time network monitoring device in NOC facilitates closer monitoring of the operations and security of customers’ data around-the-clock.


Apart from the enhanced facilities in our NOC, we provide individualized support for all customers throughout Greater China, including local language support with area-specific experience and expertise. In all our dealings, we emphasize 24x7 proactive, responsive, single-point-of-contact problem identification and resolution to ensure that each customer service matter is dealt with quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

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