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Corporate Social Responsibility


An entrepreneur plays a vital role in the industry through creating jobs for the society and keeping the industry alive.  As a responsible entrepreneur, we strongly believe that we are required to set or follow industry best practices while having good business ethics and high integrity to do businesses, taking into account the interests of stakeholders.


Set or follow industry’s best practices

Being Greater China’s leading ICT service provider, we believe that providing quality services to ensure service stability and customer satisfaction of our corporate clients is crucial.  In view of this, we set up a team early in 2005 to focus on obtaining the industry’s best practices - ISO certifications.  Riding on our team’s effort over the past few years, we are now the first batch ICT service providers in Greater China to obtain ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000-1:2018 and ISO 9001:2015 international certifications for information security, international IT service management as well as quality control respectively, demonstrating DYXnet’s commitment to offering premium information and communication technology with outstanding customer service.


Apart from obtaining ISO certifications, we also have committed service level agreement (SLA) on our service portfolios.  For example, we can guarantee our global networking (MPLS private network service portfolios) to have 99.99% uptime. 


Have good business ethics and high integrity to do businesses

Every entrepreneur aims at generating profits.  We only allow our salespersons to get sales contracts via legal channels. In DYXnet, we value much on the code of behavior and high integrity in our everyday operation. Apart from that, we provide trainings and company guidelines to ensure the staff follows local laws as well as company policies when doing businesses with outside parties.


Consider the interests of stakeholders

As a responsible entrepreneur, we also need to take into account the interests of the stakeholders that cover shareholders, management, employees, customers and society as a whole.



Shareholders are important to us as they provide funding for the company.  To earn their continuous support, it is crucial to let them know our business objectives, direction, core competence, competitive edges, sales forecast, turnover, challenges we will face and how we are going to tackle during the board meetings so that they can have a good grasp of the company’s latest move.



The management team plays a vital role in supporting the company’s daily operation.  We set clear business objectives during the start of the financial year and assign different key performance indicators for each department so that they have a clear direction to follow.  We also have monthly review meetings with both frontline and backend support teams to let the whole management team have a better understand on the performance of each department, their coming action plans and what challenges / issues needed to be tackled and how.



Employees are the asset of the company.  We will try our best to ensure our staff enjoys the competitive compensations and benefits that are capable of raising their family and protect their finance.  To promote team coherence and morale of the company, we have a social club to organize different activities regularly for all staff and their families. 



Customers are crucial to a company as they keep the company running and are the end users of the company’s products / services. It is important to understand customers’ needs and ensure they are satisfied with their subscribed services. To achieve this, we have orientation and on the job training programs to ensure our staff are well equipped and fully understand the company background, guidelines, internal procedures and updated market information when serving our customers.  Besides, we will base on the market intelligence to offer the best solutions with the industry’s best practices and competitive pricing to our clients.



We believe in the proverb which says, “From Society, For Society". To contribute for the betterment of our society, we involve in different corporate social responsibility activities on a regular basis.


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